Random Gym Organizational Thoughts.


Various pics of OCD’ing around the gym:

All collars are separate - straight ones on their own pin, L shaped on the other, plastic under them. Then 2.5’s, 5’s, rubber 5’s & 10’s. Ring straps are organized with velcroes (made a whole video about it), so the buckle doesn’t come down. Further upright has pull-up bands, more clamps & weight belts on a peg on the other side (yellow ones).

I doodled both murals on the walls.

Other angle view. Rig has multiple 12’ uprights for ropes & rings - 6 ropes in total & 8 sets of rings (plus one more off the I beam by the main table). Dirty South pull-up bars are stock in the front (triangular ones), all the rest of the longer pull-up bars are custom at 80 inches instead of stock 70 to allow for 2 guys to be able to do bar work at the same time.

Platforms are inlaid from a different type of rubber mat to correspond with the 8 squat racks. I don’t like wooden platforms in main CrossFit areas in gyms.

Barbells color coded & in rows of 6 (more barbells in other areas). Time to update the tape though. Yellow & Blue match the 15kg & 20kg plates that are always yellow & blue as well.

The rig terminates in two uprights instead of a squat rack to allow for that sweet storage. Also we had 6 bumper plate stacks, but the spot where they are now fit 5 perfectly, so I rearranged & made it fit. More barbell for easier access on this side of the rig as well.

Medballs on the super dooper expensive rolling Rogue rack - worth it though. I did add an extra shelf out of the regular dual 70 inch pull-up bar (they’re the same). Two racks with red balls and one with non-red balls. Laces out. Burpee/Push-up mats & AbMats underneath. We use the burpee mats to avoid chalk on the ground. Extra pins for storage of fractional plates & stopwatches. Russian I-pads on the side (whiteboards) - with camo ducttape edging plus magnetic on the upright. Rigged a marker holder (silver container) for whiteboards. All kettlebells are marked. Thinking of putting colored lines on the floor to line up the KB’s.

Space behind rowers is always dead so hung gymnastics mats there.

The main rig. You can see the wires coming off it at the top from various places - it has cables and come-along’s attaching it to the I-beams to prevent movement and vibration. It’s perfectly safe without them, but I like it when the rigs are more solid & don’t wobble around.

Hangout area under the MacroAir fan (original HVLS & more innovative brand than the BigAssFans). Mobility tools on the rolling stand next to the fridge - balls, foam rollers, theracanes etc.

Other side of warm-up area.

Zoom in on the DB’s. Expensive and pain to clean, but so worth having. Sticks/PVC are in a fancy container from WorldMarket (umbrella stand I think).

Outside. Chairs are red, white & blue as it should be (in Russia it would blue, white, red, but this is America!). The little area is matted. We had a couple of tires there, but the kids from martial studios next door kept climbing & jumping on them - so for liability I moved them behind our gym.

Kids room under A/C. There’s some more kiddie stickers on other walls (Minions, Nemo etc).

This is a bit wacky - it’s the Wu-Tang Storage room that was half-joke/half-dare. Here’s the link for it.

There’s probably quite a bit more various ideas, but this is a good start. Hope you enjoyed if you bothered reading this far.

Bonus: In this Bumper Safety video - there’s quite a bit of the gym visible since video is worth 1000 pics or something like that & I really OCD about plate layout :