Canadia Part III: Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim National Park, Tofino Bay & Whistler


Drove across Vancouver Island at night to the Pacific Rim National Park. I've seen this side of the ocean in California, but this was pretty surreal & pretty incredible. So flat… Takes forever to get even knee deep.

Any place that has 2 liter bottles of cider is okay with me.

A dogen living his best life (cropped the owners out of the pic).

Due to the humidity it was almost impossible starting a fire at the campground. Dan’s slavic squat is on point.

Went kayaking as one should. Very cool. Felt like we’re going to the Skull Island - morning started off very foggy. Cue in dramatic music!

Trip included a stop on some island with big trees. Pics won’t do them justice so here’s a trunk for size idea.

Weather cleared up & it was an incredible day with a couple of eagles flying overhead. They don’t pretty high pitched squeaky noises though, not a bad ass roar of freedom as one might expect.

The house boat is epic.

Obligatory pit stop.

If the beach was staggering down low in the fog - it was even more incredible in the sun: the haze, the sheer size, the rocks & driftwood, the beach immediately terminating in a wall of trees. This is one of my favorite shots of the entire trip.

View from near the campground that was about may be quarter or half a mile from the beach up the hill in the woods.

Sunset in Tofino. Not bad.

After a couple of days it was time to head back. Since it wasn’t night - we were able to appreciate the sheer beauty of the island.


Weather was cooperating. It was nice not being in 30 degrees and snow/rain.

For the last day after the ferry brought us back on mainland we crashed in Whistler.

Back in the snow.

Rough life.

Last look at the Squamish Chief on the way to the airport.

Saw the MadLab by accident. Wish we had to stop to swing by - see if those guys are actually legit or sketchy.

Also saw this near the equipment rental place. Seems a bit odd…

Time to set off into the sunset & warmth.