How I Program After 12 Years of CrossFit?


Programming is a hugely important part of being a coach to me. It integrates with Coaching so much that it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other one begins & I’ll make a whole new post & video about it, but here’s so basics of how I do it at CrossFit Evolution.

Over 12 years I’ve done it every which way from doing it daily (lulz) to several month long percentage based & hyper structured progressions (overkill much?). I’ve tried following others programming, but did not enjoy it/fitness & fun suffered plus it goes back to where does Coaching end & Programming begins. These days I’ve settled on a template that has enough complexity & progression for solid improvements, but not so much that everyone has to stress that they missed Week 7 Day 2 of 8x3 Back Squat of 77.5%, but doesn’t turn into some basic bootcamp of flutterkicks & jumping jacks either… Let’s dig in:

Programming is done every 2 weeks, on a 7-day rotation to avoid falling into the trap of doing same things on same days - we're open 6 days a week.

My guideline looks like this:
Day 1 Recovery/Core (can include L-sits, sit-ups, TTB, KTE but also OHS, RDL etc)
Day 2 Strict Upper Body Work
Day 3 Squat
Day 4 Skill (can involve HS, MU's, Rope Climbs, Rowing technique, but also Snatching or Jerk practice etc)
Day 5 Olympic Lifting
Day 6 Long WoD (20 min amrap, 30 rft, you name it, if falls on Saturday - usually a Hero wod)
Day 7 Deadlift/Lite Squat

Now that's a rough guideline & I play with it as I need, but it helps not get stuck in a rut - as much as I like say Squatting every Tuesday, Snatching every Monday etc - it does create it's own issues. So since we're open 6 days, but rotation is 7 days - each week gets pushed a day back. Also linear progressions and more serious periodization I handle personally on an individual basis & have that in Google Sheets I share with my athletes - some are very basic warm-ups & drills, some are very convoluted & structured high volume programs depending on needs/level.

"Extra" is also on the menu for some extra shenanigans for my folks without needing the full-on custom programming. We have a lot of folks who are good, but we don't compete much anymore (no one doing the open actually this year, but that's a different story as well).

Our website goes back years of workouts & it's autoposted every night for the day ahead at 7 pm (earlier on Fri & Sun).

I post the workouts every 2 weeks in a FB group, where I have my coaches, but also now and several members as well as a few Redditors now in an effort to be more open instead of being closed in/jaded etc - side effect of running a CF gym for so long and/or also being antisocial - reddit is actually really helpful in this case to get out of my head and just chat, answer questions, ponder upon functionality of Double Unders etc - so thank you all! - I'll probably make a separate post on this eventually.

If anyone bothered to read this far & wants to be part of the FB group - here you go. If you’re a member of CFEvo - I’d say for at least 6 months however - don’t join the group so you don’t overthink it. Or just ask me in person.

In the video I show an example of my super techno savvy two notebook setup (tried doing on the computer, but I’m a pen & paper kind of guy in this case) & go through doing a two weeks worth of workouts.