Two out of One "Ferrari" project


Decided to challenge myself a bit and to avoid wasting wood - make two doodles out of one similar to the USA map & outline project with just a hint of difficulty added.

Here’s the video or there’s some pics below (video is 22 minutes since it was a tricky project)

Main shapes cut out. Pretty epic!

And the final results. Personally I prefer the bottom negative space one. Does it mean I’m negative?

A couple months after making these, Marcio & I were going to the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina for the “Obsessed Garage” car group gathering (Smokies Roadtrip series is from that trip) one of the guys sent an open invite to the group to come crash at his place on the lake a couple of hours away from the destination. He also happened to have two Ferrari’s (488 & California T to be later replaced with this beautiful Portofino), so I threw my favorite logo in the trunk & brought with me as a gift.

Here’s Marcio bombing around the Tail following the 488 that I had a privilege of driving the day before. Quite a machine! And made a great friend. Feeling like another roadtrip soon!