Canadia Part I: Arrival & Prep


Thirty degrees Fahrenheit (-1 Celsius) is too cold in June. Also having a boring car to drive in such amazing setting is a sin. Now that I got that off my chest, lets dig in.

It was a cold and stormy night… Actually it was a rather pleasant morning, but who’s counting.

After arriving in Vancouver we got some grub & rented gear that I needed since I’m a Level 1 mountaineer.

By the time we headed out of the city - rain has started up as it does in British Columbia.

First scenic pullover on the way to Squamish. As well as the picture right at the beginning of this post. Desperately pretty.

Shortly after stopped by a massive waterfall and even a rainbow showed up for a few minutes. How nice of it?

Didn’t take long for the snow capped peak to show up (Tantalus range)… Well, not peaks due to visibility, but we did see snow.


Most picturesque hostel/hotel I’ve been at, overlooking the Squamish Chief by a river. Not a bad place to crash. Sun showed up for half an hour and made everything even prettier.

Stocking up. The grocery store had the largest produce I’ve ever seen. All carrots were this size.

At a local bar/eatery.

This piece stood out: Electrical current burned through a piece of wood with colorful epoxy filling. Amazing art.

About half of our gear. Took awhile to sort out and get ready.

Fancy map.

Getting some liquid warmth at a liquor store with a view.

Time to abandon the rental Subaru & head into the woods.

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