Game Of Thrones: Targaryen Dragon Shield


Sometimes I like to challenge myself with difficult stuff to do like the World Map project or Stranger Things one, that I'm not sure I quite have the skill for or whether the material will hold.

Targaryen Banner from the Game of Thrones was definitely one of them. Plus it's medieval-ish, so that's a huge bonus for me.

First things first - stencil time.

Blue is for the exterior cut and red is for the dremel bits. As a precaution bought me some cut resistant gloves - put it over a wooden stick and tried cutting with a jigsaw - it did cut through pretty quick so I couldn't really tell if it helps, but I wear the glove on my left hand now all the time just in case. Luckily I have been careful and have all my fingers.

Initial shape cut. Plywood held rather well except for the tongues, which I cut out. It started separating in a couple places - so I cut and adjusted here and there, but very little and it'd be very hard to tell.

Dremel all done, ready for sanding.

Sanded and painted. Looking pretty cool.

Dry brushed the dragon and now time to make the backing for the banner. Mocked up a piece of plywood, then cut it into five strips. I didn't plan exactly how this banner was going to be build or had any measurements - just built as I go, my favorite way (I do have a few ideas, but sometimes they get adjusted along the way or scrapped altogether).

Shield all cut, now to dremel out the exterior part - I didn't feel like cutting out entire outer layer like I did for the Pitbull Shield.

Sprayed the lines black to make sure to paint the strips holding the shield together before brushing the rest of it.

Almost ready. Trimmed the outer layer that was dremeled in red (needing another coat here). At which point I decided to add LED's behind the dragon like the Mortal Kombat logo...

Let's just say it was a massive pain in the ass.

And I managed to snap not one or two, but three wires somehow with a stapler...

I didn't have the solder gun, so I used the two screws as both placeholders and conductors and managed to get the whole thing working again, albeit probably not quite up to fire code. Exposed wiring in dry wood...

The LED's looked okay in some areas like this pic, but overall it was weird. I asked my wife to come take a look - and she said it didn't look right. So I had to unscrew everything and rip the LED string out. Oh, well. Not all projects end in success.

I did like the dragon being off the back board a bit for better shadow - so I kept about a quarter inch of space between it and the shield. Overall it was a fun and demanding project. Not going to be building one of these anytime soon!