Roadtrip: Tallahassee, Florida


Four-hour road trip to the state capital of Tallahassee. Monique had stuff to do, so I had most of the morning and afternoon to kill before we drove back the next morning.

The rental Camry didn't have navigation, so after drove around the downtown area in roughly expanding circles to get familiar and saw a brown sign for "Tallahassee Museum"

Turned out it's a 50+ acre half zoo, half nature preserve, half farm very cool park, not just a building with some stuff in it. Ninety nine percent of the Museum is indeed outdoors. 

Bright pink brontosaurus made out of car part greets you.

Couple of historic building and a railway carriage for the conductor (has a special name, but I can't recall now).

Couple of exotic wild boars.

Lots of birds of prey including the majestic bald eagles in the aviary, but it was quite early in the morning and rather dark, so I don't have many candid shots.

Very cool nature walk with turkeys and deer in different sections. 

Red wolf. There were 3 or 4 of them. They're quite a bit smaller than the gray wolves. River otter was out and about in the enclosure nearby.

Sadly, no bobcat, but that tree was very haunted forest-esque.

My favorite part were the cypress trees. 

Spend quite a while just looking. 


The walkway through the swamp To the right were areas with pumas, bear and alligator. The bear was napping. 

Cute little grey foxes way up in a tree. 

More dinosaurs made out of car parts. Usually I'm no fan of odd art, but these generally were well put together and neat looking. Plus I do love dinos.

Lots of activities for kids.

Instead of just a couple of old houses the entire farm was operational including livestock and gardens.

This guy wanted to hang out - stood right next to me for quite some time.

Meanwhile, the sheep guy was eyeing me suspiciously.

Such an idyllic location.

The morning clouds started parting ways, so after I checkout out the entire farm which was the last part, I went back to look at my favorite spot again. Was rewarded by watching a puma play with a toy for ten minutes, but my phone was dead by then, so this was the last photo taken of my morning adventures.

Downtown Tallahassee has a big open park with quite a few things to do and see. Lovely place!

Walking paths & historic brick building turned into a cafe.

Open air amphitheater.

Korean War Memorial

Everything is clean and neat. Floor sprinklers for kids to play in.

Fancy bridge to take me on the other side of the main road and head right to the city center.

Original state capitol with the current one looming above. Majestic oak trees everywhere.

Several beautiful churches, historic buildings and streets. I didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by the town. 

Strolled around the pretty streets until Monique was ready and headed back home.

Solid day of wandering.