Eye Of Horus Wall Art


About a year ago I made a wooden back for some kind of an art doodle out of a cherrywood plank I had laying around. It was all put together, stained and ready to go. Problem was I couldn't figure out for the longest time what to put on it. Sailboat? Schooner? Paint? Cut and drill (or glue)? 

As my wife is a huge fan of all things Ancient Egypt, eventually I settled on the Eye of Horus which supposed to do many good things.

Wasn't sure if the swirl would hold, but it worked out just fine and nothing broke off.

Sanded it down and sprayed it gloss black. Glued it to the backing. Looks almost like metal work. Turned out excellent. DW (Dear Wifey) loved it and has it hanging in her office now.

After I posted a couple of pics of it a friend wanted one made for her. So during some other projects I made another eye and started measuring out the backing.

All cut into three strips. I really wished I had the blowtorch by then so the backing could be burned first then stained in teal stain.

A rag was used right after a light layer of paint went on to show some of the grain. Quite subtle - came out nice.

Dry brushed the corners black a little bit. The "Eye" has a cool texture only visible from certain angles. 

All in all a nice little duet of projects.