Providence Canyon & FD Roosevelt State Park, Georgia


Wanted to go up to Northern Georgia for awhile, especially Tallulah Gorge & The Tail of The Dragon, but that's all about 8-9 hr drive from home. Saw randomly a few pics of the Providence Canyon and it's only five and a half hour drive. About a week later the three amigos assembled and off we went.

How American of them to softly warn us...

The canyon system developed due to poor farming practices (no idea how that's possible, but I'm no agroculturist) and there were a few skeletons of old cars left since it was more difficult to move them and disturb the ecosystem. Very Fallout-y. 

If I was in Russia I'd swear this was a Volga 21.

Wasn't much to see on the main trail (more on this later), here we are approaching some not-bad views. Weather was definitely smiling upon us as well. If you're just driving up there - the best views are approachable without having to hike in. 

May be not quite natural beauty, but very pretty.

Funny how natural world looks so much smaller in photos. Also from about here we saw some folks walking on the canyon floor.

Views galore. 

So we decided to go for a second loop and take the wet sandy "river beds" (or creek bed?) to the bottom of the canyon. There were signs on the first go around, but we weren't sure if we could take them or where they went exactly. 

Well worth the extra trip and wet copper-colored feet. 

It was epic, but the photos don't do it any justice, so here's the last one of the canyon.

Just over an hour north was our next destination and overnight camp spot: Franklin DeLano Roosevelt State Park

Day was coming to a close. Paid for our park permit and headed towards our campground.

Most of the park was covered and shaded. Found a scenic opening on top of the mountain, although it looks like hill from here.

Rocky going with not much of a view in a middle of the forest. We were hoping for a clearing for some beautiful shots, but no cigar.

Home for the night.

Some beverages might have been sampled before we went off into the woods for 0.8 of a mile hike to campground at which point we realized that no one had matches or a lighter. I totally forgot mine and Lincoln had his back in the truck. So some shenangians ensued... It didn't work, but a lighter was found somewhere in a backpack anyways.

Heading back out.

Stopped by a cute little one street town nearby that had "Roosevelt" in everything. Except for coffee. Both cafe's were closed.

Drove to some place a couple of miles away and saw the "Wangs & Thangs" on the way... I do not want to eat there.

Time to head back into the woods and check out some waterfalls.

Big chunk of the trail was alongside a stream with a bunch of little waterfalls.

The constant gurgling of the stream was a pleasant companion.

Our destination. Pretty cool, but not very impressive.

Went along a rock outcropping before getting up on it (it was a trail, not actually climbing). 

A better view of the falls.

Left the woods & headed south. For lunch ended up in a small town of Blakely.

Picturesque Americana town.

Wasn't much otherwise, only one place open for lunch - Mexican food. 

Peanut stuff was absolutely everywhere. I won't torment you with them. And no, I did not buy a "Peanut Pride" t-shirt...

Okay, one more peanut.

We were crashing in Tallahassee (where we just visited not so long prior) before the final drive back to Orlando. A big festival was going on so we looked around after checking into the hotel - the original plan was to camp both night, but St. George's Island camping was booked and one of our friends had free hotel stay points expiring in a matter of days, so why not? Plus we got upgraded for free as well, so no one had to crash on the floor.


After dinner and some drinks we watched some "Artcic Nazi" show and passed out. 

Great trip! Perfect length - just two and a half days and two night. Dense, cool & relaxing.