Black Bear Wilderness Hike


Seminole County posted on their social media that they were organizing an overnight hike locally plus there would be an orientation day for a few hours a week prior to go over the basics and such. Lincoln and I decided to join up - it would be a good basics refresher before the trip we had planned to Georgia (and I also have a trip to Vancouver, CA coming up in June).

Most of the hiking basics were covered during the orientation: what to bring, what to do, what to prep, how to hang food and trash away from bears. Jeanine of "Not A Clue Adventures" did a great job of going over everything and had plenty of gear for everyone to borrow if needed. 

The day wrapped up by hiking around the little lake at Geneva Wilderness to get used to the packs and make sure everything is good to go.

Next week we met up at the Black Bear Wilderness. Classic Florida oak trees. This was early enough in spring that the weather was still cool before the heat and humidity overtook.

Unfortunately one of the ladies messed up the time and we had to wait for her for an hour. And when she turned up she had way too much stuff, so that took awhile as well.

Seven miles of hiking with the overnight camp about halfway in.

Some of our packs. I didn't have a small folding hat, so brought my regular straw one with me instead.

Eventually everything and everyone were ready to roll, so off into the woods we went.

Trail was pretty flat, but quite a bit more technical that we anticipated (it wasn't hard though) - it was a pleasant surprise. Not sure what the tree is, but it was pretty neat.

About a mile or so in there was a building of some sort surrounded by barbed wire in the middle of nowhere. Very Walking Dead-esque. I'd definitely check it out in case of zombie apocalypse.

Overcast protected us from the beating Florida sun.

Since we were a) close to the river and b) in Florida - a lot of the swamp areas were crossed with raised walkways. Cypress trees growing all around.

Trail was right next to the St. Johns River for quite awhile.

Linc scoping out the campground.

My home for the night.

For one night personally I wouldn't even bother dragging food with me, but since this was an "Intro To Hiking" event - we had some sausages, tomatoes, onions and I tried s'mores for the first time (they were ok).

Next morning.

Beautiful morning!

Off we go for about four more miles.

We saw a lot of birds and one turtle.

Great local hike. Solid refresher for the future activities.