"Stranger Things: The Upside Down" Wall Art Project


Overheard a couple of my good friends talking about a "Stranger Things" themed B-day party for their son, who was about to turn six.  I volunteered to make one of my doodles as a present.

After looking at several ideas, this one was my favorite, except it was missing something.

I adjusted the middle and added "The Upside Down".

Traced everything using a projector and two sheets of plywood. I've never done lettering like this before - so I didn't want to cut into the main sheet in case I make a boo-boo.

The main part was pretty straightforward to cut, just a bit tedious - a lot of details in the bicycles. And I had to be careful on the bottom side - very little support there on long pieces - especially the Demogorgon's arm. Have to be careful with cutting out pieces like that - jigsaw produces a lot of vibrations and can crack plywood fairly easily.

Roughly cut out the Upside Down piece and drilled out the letters themselves.

Decided to go with black design overall with red sides - so sprayed red all over the sides first.

Main piece almost ready - just needed to touch up the black paint run off over the edges with red.

The letters ended up being not so bad - nothing has been since the World Map. Had to add little connectors to support the interior pieces on letters P, D and O.

Once the letters were cut - I trimmed the piece itself down. Didn't want to do it first to give more strength to plywood during the intricate part.

Sprayed the top part red and mocked up the whole thing - didn't like it in two areas - so I cut them down slightly. A bit nitpicky, but whatcha gonna do?


I dry brushed the Upside Down part to give it a little darker weathered look. 

At some point, I realized that I needed to make a van.

That was piece of cake.

Black paint is drying on the van. Added some two sided sticky tape to hold "the Upside Down" tight to the main piece while I screw them together.

All finished (no van) - the dry brushing doesn't show up that well in photos, but in real life it's just right. The red sides are barely visible looking straight-on.

Oh, yeah! 

Came out incredible! It's about 4 by 4 feet, not counting the van. Vault Boy approves!

Kids loved it at the party!

There even was a Demogorgon cake!