Bahamas Cruise


On our 10 year wedding anniversary, we had a free cruise to Bahamas (not quite free - I got a big gift card as a hook up for a project I did). Neither of us is a huge fan of cruises, but for free - hell yeah! 

We went with a few folks from the gym and had a pretty good time! We chose the quick and easy Bahamas, since we had another trip to Reno, Nevada coming up in another couple of weeks. 

As always, Soc makes it hard to leave - waiting on us with those sad eyes...

More excitingly this was my first trip as an American with my brand new blue passport! Time to get aboard the floating city (or at least large village).

Waiting for departure we grabbed a snack at a small Guy Fieri branded burger joint - it was probably my favorite food on the entire cruise actually. I love adding the toppings myself. 

Leaving at sunset was awesome! Especially once some alcohol got involved. I was happy to see the Angry Orchard Cider available - both my previous cruises I didn't drink, since there was nothing I liked. 

Being on an almost empty deck was quiet and peaceful.

Interior of the ship was quite nice since it was renovated not too long ago. 

It's pretty & fancy in a fancy mall kind of way, which it pretty much is.

We went to bed early and woke up early enough to see the sunrise. It was incredibly windy on the outer decks though.

Arriving in Nassau, Bahamas. The sun, the breeze, the green and blue water... Feeling good!

Couple more cruise ships were moored at the port.

Since there was a bit of time before debarkation - we walked around the upper deck of the ship some more. Beautiful! 

Large chess set.

Pool, large screen, bars & lounge chairs.

Finally it was time to get off. Cruise liners are enormous.

It's pretty cool though, being surrounded by such enormous man-made structures. 


My favorite shot from the entire trip. Something about the pretty & rusty at once. 

We picked "Top 10" day trip off the boat that would take us to the best sights in Bahamas. Drove by the local goverment HQ

First, we stopped by some rum cake factory, that was pretty sketchy... Then we were off to the Atlantis Resort. It was enormous and was a mix of a water park, a fancy hotel, a mall, and a casino all in one. Reminded me of being at any of the theme parks as well. 

Pretty lagoon.

Pretty sure this wasn't up to code...

Nassau's traffic is quite congested. There's a lot of broken down and dilapidated buildings. We've seen the same on most islands on our other cruise (Roatan, Belize etc) and in Puerto Rico.

Next up was Queen Anne's Staircase. The drive to that part of town was quite sketchy. It's just a few old stairs. 

Once you go through the little canyon - it's time to get back uphill to a little fort. To go inside cost money and we didn't have the time or desire to go in (it's really tiny). Trash everywhere next to little stands selling souvenirs. Reminds me of the less fortunate parts of Russia, but with more sunshine. I appreciated my good fortunes of becoming an American.

Old cannon with the cruise liners in the distance.

Next up was the rum distillery. That was the best part of the tour. A well maintained historic estate that is both a small functioning distillery and part museum/part store. Reminded me of the Jack Daniels tour, just on the smaller scale. 

Couple of proud roosters were walking around wherever they please.

I love old wooden barrels. 

At the end we had a drink out on the patio overlooking the grounds. 

Last was a lunch place with some conch salad and free drink. Also really bad and lazy service. I'm allergic to seafood so I didn't try the conch.

We were dropped off next to the main port area and headed back to the ship. It was an underwhelming excursion, yet I was very appreciative of my life back in Florida, so we didn't regret it.

There's a bunch of colorful bars and shops in the area. We also witnessed an epic fight that went on for quite sometime before being broken up.

We didn't bother going out at night.

No idea what was in the bag. Just laying around on the street. 

Almost back on board. Atlantis resort in the distance.

A few cabins down from us was a little whiteboard and a marker. So first I doodled the Ninja Turtle & then a little tank instead of giving up my identity.

Staff did the figures out of towels as they always do on the cruises.

We went to a couple of shows during the cruise. Comedy shows at night were very good. 80's American Rock was okay - I didn't know many songs. 

The last day was spend just being lazy, eating and reading. Took a pic of this lady who was taking a selfie for at least ten minutes including dropping the phone on herself. 

Overall it was a nice little getaway. And the trip to Reno, Nevada was coming up in only a couple of weeks!