Florida Day Trip: Kayaking in New Smyrna


One of my friends asked if I wanted to go kayaking in New Smyrna.

We started off right as the sun was coming up. 

Right next to where we launched are two so-called little "bird islands" full of pelicans. Cool to look at especially seeing some fly in and out. Man, they smell something awful, however. I've heard stuff like that before especially when penguin or seal colonies are mentioned, but this definitely confirmed the fact.

Never seen so many pelicans in one place.

We meandered around though shallow waters surrounded by mangroves or whatever those bush-like trees or tree-like bushes are called and eventually got out to a wider channel.

Couple of dolphins were swimming all around us, but my phone was too slow...

It was awesome to see the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse appear in the distance and grow slowly larger and larger. To the right you can see a small yellowish strip - the Disappearing Island, where we were headed. And look how shallow the water is!

We beached the kayaks a couple of times and had to walk them to deeper spots. It was pretty surreal being in such a large body of water, yet being so shallow.

Handstands in shallow water are hard. I tried quite a few times - the sand just shifts and you sink through without a constantly shifting grip.

There were a few boats parked up with people hanging on the island, so we went a bit further around it and snapped a couple of #lifeisgood #adventure #whereyouat type pics and admired the view. It was very cool indeed!

We took a different route back - much wider channel this time. Luckily there hardly any boats out - rocking on their wake was quite splashy.

Oysters everywhere!

Some big yachts & boats and pretty cool houses.

A little more bird watching.

Once we got back I was notified that we have Part II of our adventures coming up! We rinsed off the kayaks, let them dry and mounted the aluminum steeds.

Marty is an former BMX racer and wheelied for quite some distances. He has some serious skills on the bike! 

Beach was packed especially in that day's high tide - the strip of sand was fairly small.

Nice park along the main canal.

And a cool bridge.

Finished off the day with some good pizza and wings. 

Awesome day on the water!