Eastern European Customs: "Jeep Edition"


Whether doing a bathroom renovation, making barn doors or doing any of my other projects - I like to do all kinds of stuff. It's the challenge that's the drug. Something about learning that makes me tick. So when a good friend of mine asked if I wanted to help him install new bumpers and fenders for his Jeep - I immediately agreed. The fact that he's the owner of "Wako Taco" and always hooks me up with some killer food didn't hurt.

Next thing you know we had another friend with a Jeep - he was going to put spacers on. Plus my brother just got a new single speed 29er mountain bike and wanted to swap tires for road ones, since it's mostly used to commute to the gym (we also swapped rear cog to adjust gearing for regular roads). The "Eastern European Customs" were born in my driveway!

Spare tire off - now onto the rear bumper.

Yeah, I'm not sure about that screwdriver...

"The Grinder Man"!

It was a pretty long day. That spare tire carrier angled up was a pain. The rear fenders required drilling through the rear quarter panels. A few bolts here and there needed "negotiating". The LED lights for the front bumper didn't quite fit right, so we had to drill and dremel out the bumper some to make it all go together. End result is much better though!

Different angle. Some aftermarket panels under the front fenders as well were installed as well.

A few months later another friend of mine wanted to swap the bumpers on his Jeep, so we got busy!

Front bumper required some grinding off the frame (non-structural) to allow for proper clearance. 


It was a pretty straightforward bolt on from there. We did get confused by the fog lights not working, only to realize that John has never turned them on and we had to YouTube to see how to turn them on... Major brainfart.

Since the rear bumper came a bit late - we were going to install it at my house, but ended up doing it real quick right in our gym's parking lot - only took about 30 minutes or so.


All done. I love doing some car stuff - looking forward to my future projects!