I like to BBQ and I can not lie


One of my favorite things about living in the US is living in a house instead of an apartment. That means I have a backyard (and a pool too, which was one of my major life goals). And that allows me to make BBQ whenever I feel like, which is often. It's both an art and a great past time that also feeds us and our guests. It's quite easy to do and requires very little babysitting unlike cooking on the stove. And it doesn't heat up the house like an oven (it's hot in Florida all the time).

A lot of times I'll start the charcoal grill and leave for work (I work from 4 to 7 pm at night generally) or go do projects and 2-4 hours later the food is ready perfectly cooked. If I'm cooking ribs I have to check on them once or twice. I'll make some "Lazy Man's Tutorials" later but wanted to share some food pics first. Mmmm...

Chicken wings & legs, plus baby back ribs.

I didn't know how to grill or bbq when I first moved here, but little by little I learned the gas and eventually the black magic of charcoal cooking. 

Beef ribs in the pan plus sausages and wings. Beef ribs I cook in crockpot first, then smoke for that flavor and crunch.


Turkey breast, wings and sweet potatoes wrapped in foil.

Spare ribs & sausages. Skewering the ribs and rolling them into a spiral saves a ton of space on the grill - perfect for a lot of ribs for a party.


Soc chilling, bacon covered ribs, chicken, and potatoes starting up plus an ice cold cider - the life!

I generally make wings, jalapeno poppers, smoked chicken, pork shoulder kabobs, sausages, burgers, but baby back ribs are probably my favorite although it's a hard pick. Usually, I like to cook several types of meats at once (on the weekend, during the week it's mostly chicken).


Pollen season is almost cleared up and I'm looking forward spending many hours hanging out on the pool deck with the grills going.