Wu-Tang Feng Shui Storage Room


One day, I was chatting with some guys at the gym and a random idea came to me: paint the gyms' boring storage room bright yellow and hang a big a$$ Wu-Tang logo in the middle. I said it in passing as a joke, but after a few days realized that it was the way to go. So I ordered some extra yellow paint for the gym logo, so I'd have enough for both.

I've been a fan for awhile and the skit from Chappelle's Show is just legendary. 

I sketched the logo by hand (should've used the projector though) and started cutting.

All cut, sanded & ready for paint.


Since we moved in the storage room (the middle door with beige walls inside) became quite a mess. I knew that to organize it to my liking I'd have to pull everything out of there and start from scratch. To paint the entire room with two coats only took about 1.5 hrs. 

The logo was hung on about 1-inch spacers to provide the lovely shadows.

Once I hung it up, there was a problem - it looked too bare just by itself

So I decided to use the lessons from one of those wine-drinking-painting classes and added the cherry blossoms. And after looking at some Japanese style drawings and paintings - the pagoda, bridge, and tree were added. The mountain tops were inspired by Bob Ross. The Feng Shui was almost complete.

How I felt during this project.


A good friend and member of my gym Jason races motorcycles (his YouTube channel) - so when I saw his new stickers - I asked if I can get an extra ninja to complete the 36 Chambers.


A very out-there kind of little project. Huge fun to do and still puts a smile on my face everytime I have to go to the storage room. 

So romantic with a little filter.