Mural: Gym logo


When we moved the gym, I needed to put mural of the logo on the wall.

But first I needed to reinforce the drywall with plywood, to avoid people kicking through the wall when doing Handstand Push-ups or barbells making holes.

I get carried away with work sometimes - started work a little too early in the morning.


Used my old projector to pencil in the image.

Travis from our 6 am class posing. Painted part of the barbell by that point.

Started taping off the lettering (curves I didn't tape - it's easier to freehand them). Taping is super tedious even for me. 

Some fancy metallic paint - it's expsensive, quite runny and requires at least 3 coats to look right, but worth the hassle.

Filling in the tops of the letters, plus little details on the barbell.

Top and bottom done and tape removed. Looking good already.

The most difficult part was tracing the black paint around every single letter and the colors on the barbell. My neck was killing me - apparently, I slant my head when I paint and concentrate (and it took me quite a few hours). In retrospect, filling in all the black first and then painting both letters and colors on top would've been more efficient.

After many hours it was done and apparently I was so beat by then I never even took a picture right after completion. Here it is a year later - still looks great with the only minor amount of damage, mostly from feet dragging on the wall during handstand push-ups. The colored paint is the exterior type and seems to peel more than usual ones.

Large murals are a bit tedious but rewarding. I'm looking forward to doing another one at the gym on our last blank wall, but haven't come up with design quite yet, as well as another one for a friend of mine.