Small Bathroom Renovation for under $500


My good friend John was telling me about his home office bathroom needing an upgrade and somehow I mentioned: "why don't we just try it - how hard can it be?". He was quoted about $7000 to gut it and re-do, but I figured we can spend a couple hundred bucks and if it all goes south - then he can always have it re-done.

Now I used to be both a plumber and a painter as part of my self-respecting immigrant portfolio. But I've never done a bathroom reno, but I'm always curious and like to mess around/figure stuff out. John trusted me enough and off we went.

The bathroom was tired looking (in the pic above John ripped a piece of wallpaper out to see how hard it would be - it wasn't luckily), 

Nothing was wrong fundamentally with the bathroom other than the dated look. 

First order of business was getting a nice sink and faucet. Photo doesn't do it justice - it's epic. Pretty sure we bought it off Amazon.

All the wallpaper was ripped out. Painted the walls a beautiful shade of blue. Added beadboard all around, glued it to the walls and added top and bottom trims.

I had some nice wood planks laying around (I think it was oak) and I made a counter-top. It's not stained in the pic - we were just mocking it up to drill out the holes and make sure everything fits nicely.

Sorry for the small pic - can't find any bigger ones.

Countertop drying after being stained and clear coated. Painted the faces of the drawers white. Same ideas as the outdoor entertainment cabinet. It was quite a nice day out as well!


Connected all the plumbing, replaced the light fixture, painted the rest of the cabinet white and added hardware (it had no handles prior). Adding the trim around the mirror proved a bit tricky, but we persevered with some glue and eventually caulk while putting pressure towards the wall by leaning a heavy 2x6 or something like that onto the particularly stubborn piece.

The entire shower got some fresh caulk as well.

Came out phenomenal. Pretty cool project for a first try.

Total expense was just shy of $500 for the entire bathroom. Not too shabby!