"Vault Boy"

Pic from  here

Pic from here

Out of all the projects I've done - this has been one of my favorites due to both cheerful positivity and memory of my Dad (he passed away at only 40 years of age).

Between growing up in Snezhinsk, a formerly secret Soviet Nuclear Research town founded in the 1950's, my father being a constructor at the main facility (whose job was to build guess-what?), and my town being only 30 miles away from both the 3rd worst nuclear disaster in history of the world and Karabash (one of the worlds most polluted andapocalyptic looking places - pic above), it's hardly a surprise that I became a fan of the Fallout video game series, that's set in both humorous, yet sinister post-apocalyptic 1950's inspired futuristic world that was both powered and destroyed by the nuclear power with probably one of the best background music to any video game, that's perfect for exploring beautifully eerie wastelands.

Listen up if you can (my favorite is "I don't want to set the world on fire" at 3:25)

The Vault Boy is the mascot of the fictitious and very twisted Vault-Tec Corporation and is everywhere in the game in various forms and is a such a great character. 

I wanted to make myself one just like that to hang in my garage as an uplifting "Hello!" every time we arrive home. I've never done anything this complex yet, but after the "Thin Blue Line Skull" and the gym murals I've done over the years - how hard can it be?

The only issue was it was missing something. I took inspiration in some of the art already existing and the Vault 111 itself.

So I added the gear around the Vault Boy

Time to fire up the trusty projector.

Here's the traced piece. Lesson to self - do not use a sharpie for projects that will require light-colored paint over it - sharpie eventually bleeds through. Such an upbeat image though! It's about 3 foot tall.

All cut out, ready to be sanded and painted.

Majority of colors filled. Hardest part coming up - all the tedious black lines and trim everywhere.

All painted plus the back piece cut out and painted red.

All put together and hung on the wall. Came out so good! Total time about 10-12 hours (I was really slow with the paint, especially the black one).

And here it is in my garage putting a smile on my face daily. 

Side shot - having the red behind creates nice shadow lines.


It was a fantastic project. Took a little longer than I anticipated (since there's at least 8 different paints involved), but so worth it.

Eventually I'd like to turn my garage into more of a Fallout inspired workshop with shelves with Vault-Tec logos and such and make a "Welcome Home" banner across the entire wall, but that's in the future.