Thin Blue Line Skull


A great friend of mine was having a birthday soon, so I wanted to make some cool B-day present. He's a local cop & SWAT guy with a deep love of 'Merica with a Navy SEAL father to boot. So the thin blue line Punisher skull seemed appropriate.

I didn't have a piece of wood large enough, but I hade separate ones. So I cut 5 boards, screwed them together with another piece and doodled the skull by hand looking at a printout. I still haven't figured out that I can use my old projector at that point in my art career.

Here's where I got the easy top half of the skull cut off, before going into further details.


All the bits cut out and ready to be sanded down.

The back braces to hold the skull together. Just ended up cutting through the nose ones, instead of making a better fitting piece, which would have been easier. I was still learning though.

Knowing he's a huge fan of Steven Pressfield's "Gates of Fire" (a solid read by the way) - I decided to add and dremel out the "Molon Labe" aka "Come and take them" in ancient Greek (link to Wikipedia) from the famous last stand of the 300 Spartans at the Battle Of Thermopylae. 

Painted the whole shebang black & started adding the lines.


Then I realized the skull ended up being a bit long in the tooth, literally, so I cut it down a tad.

Cut out some stars while Soc (my dog) was playing with Andy, the neighbor & his dogs in the park. He's the brown one in the middle (Soc, not Andy). Soc is short for Socrates.


Next up: mask it again with the lines and stars and rattle can.

Even the over spray on the backing came out bad ass!

Brushed the blue line on to avoid over spray, let everything dry and took the tape off.

Added the halo around the eyes and sides with flat black spray paint to blend things in a bit and make it pop a bit better.

Gave the present to the B-day boy and he was stoked.

A fun project for sure!