Saint Petersburg, Russia. Part VI: Everything Else


Everything that didn't quite fit into the rest of the series, starting with the Petrogradsky District on the opposite bank of the Neva river from the city center (same side as the fortress). It's not as glamorous, but not as touristy either and with quite a few cool things to see and do with still plenty of cafes and shops. 

Gorkovskaya metro station entrance made to look like a UFO. It also gives me a great segue to my university, the dorms and the campus.

With with the help of a little Google search we can bask in the magnificence of aerial view of the Flying Saucer Subway! (Spires of Peter and Paul's Fortress visible in the distance.

Within a couple of minutes walk through a beautiful park there's the main building of the ITMO University, where I studied for 3 years before leaving in 2004 to the States. The real entrance is on the opposite side and is just a very utilitarian concrete square with some windows. 

The back side of the dorms building. My window is second from the top and second from left (with the light). Good times! Many hours of Quake III Arena and Counter-Strike were played. We used to have a web of Cat5 wires that connected over 300 computers all outside like a hideous spiderweb, from when the first LAN network was DIY'ed there on some extremely tight budgets. Cables outside were literally just thrown to other rooms that hosted the switches with something attached as counterweights instead of running them within like human beings. And whatever was inside was taped to walls and ceilings until the management shut that monstrosity down and made everyone re-do it properly. Russians...

For a little non-standard tourist day walk you can do:
Go from the Chornaya Rechka Metro (Black River Metro) and walk the entire Kamennoostrovky avenue - it'll bring you by the UFO metro, St. Petersburg Mosque (I haven't posted any pics, but it's beautiful, hence the link), Peter and Paul Fortress on the right and Aurora Cruiser a little to the left. Cross the bridge and you're in the Field of Mars, right next to the Church On Spilled Blood (its cupola are visible right as you cross the bridge and can guide you back), Summer Garden and Hermitage. Fantastic!

The little black dot is my dorm and the blue dot near it is the Convent of Saint John of Rila (mentioned it on the Churches & Cathedrals post). My University is right where the V is in Gorkovskaya. It's a beautiful green park from the metro to the Zoo as well. 

In case you're not a fan of subways: St. Peterburg metro stations are not as utilitarian as most in the world. And some like Avtovo are downright incredible. 

Source:  Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Next to the Petrogradskaya Metro is this gorgeous building.

A little car spotting. G63 AMG 6x6

Quiet green parks.

Statues and ships.

The Aurora Cruiser - the symbol of 1917 Revolution that brought on first socialism and then communism. Arguably set Russia back behind the civilized world by decades. 

Water. There's something relaxing and pleasing to the eye about it. Water is everywhere in St. Petersburg and I love it. That's the Palace bridge on the right. We're back on mainland.

Turn around and you get another great sight.

Behind it is another beautiful park next to the Admiralty (the tall yellow building with a spire) and leads to the St. Isaac's Cathedral as well as Peter The Great's statue.

The founder of :St. Petersburg Peter The Great. Red Rostral column visible on the left and the Peter and Paul Cathedral in the distance in between the statue & the column.

Matryoshka dolls are well represented at souvenir shops.

How's that for a chess set of US presidents vs Soviet General Secretaries? Almost $100 though.

Delightful details everywhere (on the bridge in this case).

Back to the future bike?

Statues galore (bottom of the Rostal Column)


Beautiful side buildings on both large avenues and cozy narrow side streets.

And wide open panoramas if you want.

There's so much for everyone in St. Petersburg. It's an incredible city. 

If you ever get a chance - just go! 

P.S. Saint Petersburg has always been a cultural center: home to some of Russia's most famous artists, poets, writers, playwrights, architects, and musicians. 

So I must do an honorable mention to one of my favorite Russian artists of modern day hailing from St. Petersbug - Artem Brovkov of the band "KREC", that I had on repeat in the background while writing this magnum opus. 
Since a single blog post idea turned into a rather long series - the song "Marathon" was appropriate and is one of my favorites along with "Blink" and "Shoot"

There he is wearing our gym's "Iron Curtain" t-shirt playing some ball. Nice!