Fireplace Doors


Soc trying to find his toys right after the move.

In our master bedroom, we have a nice fireplace (that we still haven't used - it's Florida after all, but it looks pretty). To each side were cubbies about 3x3 foot wide and about 2 foot deep that I just didn't know what to do with, but knew they didn't look right. 

I just finished the Barn Door and updated the French Doors, so the idea to put some doors on those cubbies was born & thus we can close the chapter of Door Trifecta Saga. I just call them the Fireplace Doors, even though it's technically incorrect. 

Started off by cutting some 2x4's for the door supports.

Cut a sheet of plywood to cover the entire opening (not too tightly though).

Cut it all up and started making the trim (making the whole thing very similar to the Barn Door just a bit more horizontal).


All the hardware ready to be painted hammered bronze to match the fireplace stone. I had the hardware leftover from some old cabinets I tore out of the garage and replaced with open shelves.

Doors almost made (missing the cross pattern), prior to being cut in the middle. Rough working conditions...

Centers finished - time to test fit.

Cut in the middle and the painting begins.


Much better! Top cubbies I left alone - they look good as is. Hid all the pillows and random stuff behind them. I put four magnetic little doorstops that are about 2 bucks to keep the doors in place (one per door)

A little closer.

Hand on heart - haven't done any more doors since then at all!