Harry Potter Baby Room Wall Art


Very good friends of mine were having a baby and the wife is a huge fan of all things Harry Potter. Those were still my early days of making stuff, but I figured I'd cook something up.

A quick search on the Googlez for a Harry Potter Protection spell yielded results & I made up a mock up using an appropriate font:


I printed out the writing and hand stenciled the lettering, which I dremeled with my new rotary tool out the letters and painted the whole thing black (it's a bit hard to see here):

Then I brushed in the letters with some Ralph Lauren gold paint that I had leftover from my gym logo a couple years prior. The glasses and lightning I added for fun:

The whole thing was a bit weird and I just didn't like it, so back to the drawing board and another idea took shape:


A shield to cast a protective spell - that makes much more sense! I decided to make it a two layered one for some added depth. Here's both after being jigsawed out and sanded down:

Painted the rear one gold, otherwise, I was worried it was going to be too much gold, like the palaces of Russian emperors in the 1800's:

"Gold room" at the Hermitage in St.Petersburg, Russia from our 2015 trip

"Gold room" at the Hermitage in St.Petersburg, Russia from our 2015 trip

Completely forgot to take a pic before I dremeled & painted yet again, so here it is about halfway filled in (I don't know why I'm holding up my watch). Made the letters and center doodles by hand again. I haven't figured out how to use the projector by then:

Once I put the two shields together, something was missing a bit so I added a screw with a wide base on the corners & painted them gold as well plus added the Illuminati symbol on the top (I mean the Deathly Hollows sign, but close enough):


The sign on the top was too much so I painted it over and gave the expecting couple their present, which is now hanging over the crib protecting their beautiful baby boy!