Florida Day Trip: Ponce Inlet Lighthouse


Took a day trip out to the Lighthouse at Ponce Inle, that was built in 1887.

The gift shop has a bunch of nautical theme knick-knacks which I'm a sucker for - plus I really need to make something to hang towels by the pool deck at the house at - so I took a couple of pics for inspiration:

There are a few rough looking Cuban refugee rafts. I know someone actually who made it over from Cuba just like that and it's no picnic. As a fellow immigrant, I definitely feel fortunate for not having to do it the hardcore way. 


Next up - climb up the lighthouse itself:


Great view from the top - on a sunny day must be stunning:


The lighthouse has about 4-5 buildings next to it for staff, storage, outhouse turned museum and current staff house & gift shop/entrance:


One was full of lighthouse lenses big and small:


The rest had some historic stuff:


The bench that can be rolled at the end was epic:

A cat was guarding the property:


The lighthouse the entire time absolutely dominates the area. It's quite stunning:

Ready to hop back in & head back:

Was getting pretty good mpg's on the drive out of the Q50 Hybrid Sport. A lot of the drive was A1A with stop & go at 35-45 mph which is the hybrid's domain:

Took a different road on the way back home via 44 instead of I-4:

Overall a solid place to go for a couple of hours. Won't fill the whole day that's for sure like St. Augustine or Bok Gardens.