Viking Boat BBQ Hanger


The project that kicked off the long run of various things over the past couple years and is still going strong. Up until the Viking Boat project the most complex thing I’ve built were the Plyo Boxes (boxes you jump on) for our gym – like the ones before, but the holes weren’t as perfect since it was my first time using the jigsaw.

Mine were like that just not as pretty and the holes were a bit crooked.

Mine were like that just not as pretty and the holes were a bit crooked.

I like to BBQ a lot (beef ribs with wings & hot Italian sausages in the pic – if you’re hungry – I do apologize!):


After not much looking around and not finding what I wanted, I decided to doodle on some plywood scraps I had laying around from various gym projects (I didn’t want to go and buy anything and used only what I had laying around at the time):

I was trying to do the fancy dragon head like the drakkars actually, but couldn’t quite get it right on the first couple of tries and I only had an old bent blade in the jigsaw anyhow (wasn’t even my jigsaw – my wife had it from before we even met over a decade ago).

Jigsaw was up next & the rough shape was cut and the holes under the sail were drilled out (looking back I can’t believe how much I used that blade that looked like a bent finger):


Since I had no dremel yet and I wanted to have some faux wood hull lines – the next best thing was to use the cut off scrap from the bottom of the boat, overlay it and scrape along with a flat screwdriver a few times and voila:


Spray paint the whole thing since I had a can of black paint. Generally I prefer to brush, but I didn’t have any black paint at the time:


Masked off the bottom and painted the sail all white:

Next were the lines for the red stripes – used more flexible artsy tape and then overlayed it with regular painters tape:


Spray it red (it’s actually temporary marking paint I had for marking our gym and competition running routes, that was actually a pain to get off and we generally used chalk after my first trial, but not after I was complained at quite a bit and had to clean a bunch of it up):

Almost ready. Also the hooks were sprayed from old tired and not quite patina’d gold (they’re to the right):


Final product. Pretty sure I used a clear coat spray at the end, but not 100%. I screwed it into the wall (you can see a hole on both ends). It’s not perfect, but it was a great start and a very fun project that only took a couple of hours (not counting the paint drying which is usually the longest part):


After a couple of years, it still works great. A bit of paint peeled off the black hooks, but otherwise, it's just fine. I have a couple bottle openers hanging on the smaller hooks in between as well.

Seems like a thousand projects were done after that and the Most Pinteresting Man In The World was born…

P.S. Had some more project ideas after this one was finished, but haven’t followed up on either, except made a more intricate boat later made with stain, much fancier dragon head and dremeled lines instead of scraped with a screwdriver.

May be I’ll build me a sword/shield/axe combo later. Viking helmets are cool as well. Especially with a bit of Skyrim influence:


Or a Nacho Libre boat with a luchador mask instead of dragon head… Not all my ideas are good ideas…