Rolling Outdoor Entertainment Cabinet


Well once the BBQ Hanger was complete, I needed something else – an entertainment center for my old PS3 & and even older plasma TV that we mainly used for some music on our bare new porch. Also I didn’t feel like buying a nice shiny piece of furniture to be destroyed by Florida heat & humidity. Another requirement was to put casters (wheels) on the cabinet, so it can be moved around easily when the porch and pool deck are getting pressure washed once or twice a year.

After much searching on Craigslist – eventually I found that there was a used furniture store near me that had way more selection at the same or even lower prices, than folks wanted for their old stuff and was open regular hours instead of having to text and figure stuff out. Here’s what my $50 got me:


The casters were from Home Depot and were about 20-30 bucks for a set of 4 heavy duty ones – I measured the cabinet first to make sure they clear the bottom. Shorter ones would handle the weight no issue, but didn’t have sufficient height.

Side note: when buying the dresser itself – I made sure to open all the drawers to check if they were too smelly. I picked the one that wasn’t… Oh, the glamorous life of “Most Pinteresting Man In The World”!

Here was the inspiration for the project (plus a friend had similar one, but with all the drawers kept and painted antique teal with cracks and such which was real neat):
Enter the World Of Google Images (I prefer it to theactual Pinterest ):


After all was ready and tools set up: first thing I did was get two pieces of 2×6 cut and screwed into the bottom of the dresser and screw the wheels into it (I didn’t take another pic, but it’s a real easy process):


Next I took the entire dresser apart, measured and cut plywood for the top shelf inserts, since I was getting rid of the top drawers:


I’m not the most creative when it comes up to colors, so I stuck with the almost white (I had a gallon of free eggshell paint left from our old gym location) and black (had a gallon of that as well from doing our big gym logo). Everything was laid out and ready to brush/spray:


I rattle-canned the hardware (spray canned) and brushed the cabinet and drawers:


I didn’t bother painting the interior, since this cabinet wouldn’t see all that much use. So once everything dried up – I put it all back together and voila:

Except it wasn’t quite right – the porch slants to allow water to drain so the lack of level was bugging me. Flipped the cabinet upside down & put a couple rubber spacers under the left side that were about an inch tall and that leveled it out perfectly. After awhile swapped for a better TV and lowered it as well.

The life:

It’s been almost a couple of years and so far the Dresser-Turned-Entertainment-Center held up very well and still looks fantastic (the pic is from late 2017 and dresser was done early 2016).

P.S. Fallout series is now one of my favorite games – being that I’m from a previously secret Nuclear Research Town Snezhinsk, my Dad was an actual nuclear you-know-what constructor at the research facility and there was also the third worst  Nuclear accident  about 30 miles from my hometown in the 1950’s (only Chernobyl and Fukushima were worse) – so the whole game series hits close to home, plus the music is incredible as well as the humor.

And the Vault Boy is about the best coolest character/logo ever made – coincidentally I made one later since I liked it so much, but that’s a story for another post: