Making an USA Map & Outline (with video)


You can simply watch the video or here’s what happened (video is my 2nd time doing, while pics are the first try).

Had a few salvaged pallete planks, so sanded them down and prepped to be held together by 2 boards on the back.

The challenge was to make 2 projects out of one to not waste the wood, be more efficient and because it’s simply harder to do.

It wasn’t too challenging to cut it all out save for a couple of tight spots and turns. All the little pieces were held together with little pieces of wood. You can see that in the video & also in the World Map post.

Burned and stained. Didn’t have the small burner yet, so couldn’t make the sides quite as dark as I will on my second try.

The outline with a DIY flag I made, but it was a bit too much color and didn’t look quite right.


The interior piece all done with the flag. Came out very pretty!

And the outline looking amazing!