Zelda Triforce Wall Art


Great friend of mine, Ryan is a huge fan of Zelda and has been wanting to learn how to make doodles - obviously picking a seriously complex was the way to go (won’t say incredibly since it was easier than the World Map). We’ve actually started on more of a shield design before, but the piece of plywood kept splitting badly and the design itself wasn’t working real well.

We we scrapped the idea and leveled up a bit to a much more cohesive, but difficult design.

You can see some imperfections in the lines that made it harder to cut, but overall not bad for first try. All the interior pieces had to be drilled out first. Yay!

Hanging out in good company.

Cut by cut, piece by piece it’s coming along. As well as some other doodles.

Making it all smooth and pretty.

Original plan was to paint it gold and distress it for the rustic pirate treasure look. At this point I’ve bought a blowtorch however and we’ve been burning just about everything ever since. Huge amount of fun and smells incredible! P.S. It was a bit sketchy at first mostly because we didn’t want to burn ourselves or blow anything up, but the learning curve was real short - hardest thing is to get the burner going!

The inspiration for wood burning came from this video. Easy to do and looks bad ass!

The lines in this marine plywood (had some scrap pieces leftover from a friends boat project) were awesome and wavy, so we tested the burn and stain on a random leftover piece that we might turn into a sword or something.

We both liked the look and decided to switch to the blue-ish stain vs the gold for the entire project. The lighter areas have to be sanded down slightly to pull out the wood color and create a nice contrast of blue, dark and light.

Not a great pic here, but it came out great!

Should’ve taken some more photos of finished project, but it was getting into the 1-2 pm territory in Florida summer, so it was super hot and we just wanted to get in the shade.

Awesome project and a great try.